SpartanCard Center

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General SpartanCard Questions

  Where do I get my SpartanCard?
  Where do I get my University ID number?
  How do I activate my card?
  Where does my card work?
  Can anyone else use my card?
  What is the best way to protect my card?
  What if my card is stolen/lost?

Accounts on your SpartanCard

  What accounts are on my card and what are they for?
  Where can I use Flex?
  How do I use my Bookstore Bucks?

Adding Funds to your SpartanCard

  How do I put money on my card?
  Can other people put money on my card?
  What should I do if I'm having trouble with SpartanCard Online deposits?
  When using a check, to whom is the check made payable?

Removing Funds from your SpartanCard

  How do I remove SpartanCash from my SpartanCard?
  How do I remove Bookstore Bucks from my SpartanCard?
  Can I remove Flex from my SpartanCard?
  Does Flex expire?

Device Questions

  What can I do if I see a problem with a card machine or device?
  Can I get a Blackboard Transact device for my organization?
  Is reporting on Blackboard Transact data available?
  What if I have additional questions that are not answered here?