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General SpartanCard Questions

Where do I get my SpartanCard?

Go to the SpartanCard Center, located in 106 Moran Commons (the UNCG Dining Hall). A SpartanCard representative is there to assist you from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Where do I get my University ID number?

If you are a student, your UNCG ID Number is a 9 digit number given to you on your acceptance letter. Faculty obtain this number through the Provost’s Office upon hire, and Staff will receive this number from Human Resources upon hire. If you already have your UNCG email account, you can find your ID number here by using your iSpartan login.

How do I activate my card?

Your card should work automatically once you’ve enrolled in classes. If you have just received your card, it may take up to an hour to link with your student record. If you experience problems with your card, please contact the SpartanCard Center, located in 106 Moran Commons (the UNCG Dining Hall).

Where does my card work?

Your card has the potential to be used at all campus dining locations, the UNCG Bookstore, pay-for-print stations, and other locations all across campus. For details about everything your card can do, see the pages located under the Using Your Card navigation tab found on top.

Can anyone else use my card?

No. The SpartanCard is not transferable and should only be carried by you, the Cardholder, at all times. Using another person’s card or card number is, at minimum, a felony and will be reported to UNCG Police and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Cards being used by anyone other than their owner will be confiscated. The Cardholder will be able to retrieve their card at the SpartanCard Center, the next business day or upon delivery. Multiple instances of confiscation will result in documentation submitted to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for willful abuse of the SpartanCard.

What is the best way to protect my card?

Treat your card with care. Do not punch holes in it or place it near anything that would erase the magnetic stripe. Do not expose the card to water. Card protectors are available for purchase in the UNCG Bookstore.

What if my card is stolen/lost?

Contact the SpartanCard Center immediately if your card is lost, stolen, or damaged. Please see the Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards page for instructions on locking your card account online and recovering/replacing your card.

Adding Funds to your SpartanCard

How do I put money on my card?

SpartanCash and Flex can be added instantly using SpartanCard Online. To view all other funding options, please visit the SpartanCash, Flex, and Bookstore Bucks pages, respectively.

Can other people put money on my card?

Certainly. Funds can be gifted instantly to a SpartanCash or Flex account using the SpartanCard Online “Guest Deposit” feature. Funds can also be gifted to SpartanCash using more traditional means. Please visit the SpartanCash page for details.

What should I do if I'm having trouble with SpartanCard Online deposits?

If you are having trouble completing SpartanCard Online deposits, please verify that:

  • • All information matches the information as printed on the credit card.
  • • You have the correct billing address for the credit card.
  • Guest Deposits: The target SpartanCard holder has logged into SpartanCard Online at least once.
  • Guest Deposits: You have the correct preferred email address of the target SpartanCard holder.
  • Guest Deposits: You have the correct 16 digits of the SpartanCard holder’s current SpartanCard. Old or bad card numbers will cause deposits to fail.

Please remember that we cannot give out cardholder information over the phone; you will need to contact the SpartanCard holder to obtain their information. If you still need assistance after verifying the above information, please contact us at (336) 334-5651, or at

When using a check, to whom is the check made payable?

All checks should be payable to UNCG. The check should also have the current telephone number and the last 8 digits of the student’s SpartanCard number. These pieces of information will allow the staff to add the money to the correct account and contact the student if there are any questions.

Removing Funds from your SpartanCard

How do I remove SpartanCash from my SpartanCard?

SpartanCash may only be refunded if you are no longer affiliated with the University. All refund requests are processed through your University account. To request a refund and get further details, contact the SpartanCard Center at Please remember to include your full name and student ID number.

How do I remove Bookstore Bucks from my SpartanCard?

Bookstore Bucks will stay on your card until you request a refund or your account is closed. We encourage students to think twice before requesting a refund to avoid unnecessary refund charges. To request a refund and additional details, contact the SpartanCard Center at Please remember to include your full name and student ID number. All refund requests are processed through your University account.

Can I remove Flex from my SpartanCard?

No. Because Flex is considered a component of your UNCG meal plan it cannot be refunded or transferred to other accounts.

Does Flex expire?

Flex no longer expires, but it will roll into a “Forever Flex” account on your SpartanCard at the end of each semester. When using Flex at retail locations, “Forever Flex” will be used first, then current Flex. This will happen automatically and both balances will be visible via SpartanCard Online. For more details please see our terms and conditions or contact us.

Accounts on your SpartanCard

What accounts are on my card and what are they for?

All students have three accessible fund accounts on their card:

  • SpartanCash
    Think of this as a general cash-replacement account that can be used all across campus. Some campus locations require SpartanCash for payment such as library copiers and pay-for-print stations.

  • Flex
    Flex is a non-refundable stored value account on your SpartanCard which allows you to eat at UNCG.

  • Forever Flex
    Forever Flex is the account that holds your Flex after each semester is complete. This fund will hold your old Flex and will be automatically prioritized over your new Flex for purchases – you won’t need to tell cashiers which fund to use. As with Flex, this account is non-refundable.

  • Bookstore Bucks
    Bookstore Bucks allows you to put an amount you decide (up to $750 per term) on your SpartanCard for use in the UNCG Bookstore. These funds are charged to your student account and reconcile against any credits you may have, including financial aid and scholarships. Get your books without waiting for a check!

Please note that the General Meal Plan Terms and Conditions apply to all Flex and Forever Flex funds.

Where can I use Flex?

Flex can be used at all on-campus UNCG Dining locations, including the Fountain View Restaurant, and a number of off-campus partner locations. Flex will give you a $1.00 discount when used at the Fountain View Restaurant. Save 5% when you use your SpartanCard at other on-campus Dining Locations (excludes Fountain View Restaurant).

How do I use my Bookstore Bucks?

Once added to your card, Bookstore Bucks can be used in-person or online with the UNCG Bookstore. When ordering online, please select the “SpartanCard” option at checkout and enter the 16-digit number from the front of your SpartanCard.

Note: If you are renting textbooks, a credit card will be required but will not be charged unless you fail to return the rental.

Device Questions

What can I do if I see a problem with a card machine or device?

If the machine is a bank ATM, please contact the corresponding bank as listed on the machine. For all other SpartanCard readers, please email, or call (336) 334-5651.

Can I get a Transact (formerly Blackboard Transact) device for my organization?

Absolutely. To obtain a quote, please contact the SpartanCard Center at

Is reporting on Transact (formerly Blackboard Transact) data available?

Yes, if you are eligible to view the data you are requesting. To request report access or a specific report, email

What if I have additional questions that are not answered here?

Feel free to contact the SpartanCard Center with any questions or concerns you may have.