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To receive a Faculty/Staff SpartanCard, please see our page on getting a SpartanCard. Your new card identifies you as an employee of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Here are some of its other uses:

  • ❖ This is your library card. You can use your SpartanCard to check out materials from any of the campus libraries.
  • ❖ Save 5% when you use your SpartanCard at other on-campus Dining Locations (excludes Fountain View Restaurant). Save 15% when you use Spartan Express at the EUC Food Court!
  • ❖ Receive a 20% discount on select merchandise when you present your SpartanCard at the UNCG Bookstore.

Please Note

While Faculty and Staff may use SpartanCard Online for fund deposits to SpartanCash and Flex, Flex is not designed for Faculty and Staff use. Flex is a ‘default account’ on the SpartanCard and is designed for students.

Adding Funds to Your SpartanCard

There are a few ways to add funds and meals to your card:

  • SpartanCash
    SpartanCash can be added at the SpartanCard Center, Fill Locations, over the phone (334-5651), as a monthly credit through our payroll deduction form, or instantly via SpartanCard Online.

  • Spartan Express, Standing Reservations (Meal Plans)
    Spartan Express funds can be added manually through the SpartanCard Center, over the phone, or automatically through payroll deduction. These funds can be used at dining locations and never expire while you are employed at the University. Five Faculty & Staff specific Standing Reservation meal plans are also available.

    Please Note: Adding Flex through SpartanCard Online is not the same process and will not grant the 15% discount mentioned above.

In addition, you can use SpartanCard Online to check balances on your card.