SpartanCard Center

Campus Enterprises



SpartanCard Online can be accessed using your iSpartan username and password. If you are a SpartanCard holder, you can:

  • ❖ Deposit funds to SpartanCash or Flex using a Visa® or Mastercard® at $0.75 per transaction.
  • ❖ Freeze/lock a lost or stolen card.
  • ❖ Verify your current meal plan, meal plan usage, and balances.
  • ❖ View monthly activity statements by tender for any SpartanCard fund.

Family, Friends, and Others

You may gift funds to a SpartanCard holder by using the “Guest Deposit” feature as long as the target SpartanCard holder has logged into SpartanCard Online at least once. To do so, you must know the cardholder’s email address and their current SpartanCard number.

Please Note

If the cardholder has specified a custom, “preferred,” email address within UNCGenie you must contact the cardholder to obtain their information. We are unable to disclose cardholder information over the phone. If they have not specified a custom email address, SpartanCard Online will use their email account by default.